Long Bawan Travel Guide

Long Bawan is a village right up in the northwest of East Kalimantan near the Malaysian border of Sarawak. It is used as a launch point for visiting nearby Kayan Mentarang National Park and for visits to Sarawak.

The village itself is dilapidated and nothing to look at - the main street being a muddy track with uninspiring buildings flanking it though one or two shops have pretty fa├žades. The entry to Long Bawan is by way of a rickety, wooden-bamboo bridge which leads to an army checkpoint border control for Malaysia.

Kayan Mentarang National Park is the main attraction in this region of East Kalimantan, known for its primary and secondary rainforests and abundance of plants and animals. The curious Dayak people live in and around Long Bawan and treks to their villages can be lots of fun.

Getting There & Away

If you are short on time the fastest way into Long Bawan is to fly to Long Bawan Airport from Tarakan in northeast East Kalimantan. Tarakan receives flights from Jakarta and is two days away from Long Bawan by boat and bus. Balikpapan in the south of East Kalimantan is the nearest major airport and is a day or two by bus.

Things to Do

Long Bawan Attractions

Kayan Mentarang National Park

The main attraction has a huge amount of wildlife and trees and is good for a trek from long bawan.

Side trips from Long Bawan


A little visited part of borneo with dense jungle, thick rivers and a lovely coastline.