Tenggarong Travel Guide

Tenggarong, not to be confused with West Java|Java’s Tangerang, is a substantial town on the Mahakam River about 40kms from Samarinda. Most tourists head to Tenggarong when visiting the Lower Mahakam as it is a good introduction to the rainforest.

As capital of the Kutai regency, Tenggarong features many remnants of the Kutai Kertanegara Kingdom, including the old palace - now the State Museum of Mulawarmanc.

Tenggarong also has plenty of nearby attractions and Kumala Island, a couple of kilometers away in the middle of the Mahakam River, is a big draw. A tourism park is to be built here and there are also traditional Dayak longhouses with access by cable car. Tropical rainforest and Dayak villages are within easy reach of Tenggarong.

Getting There & Away

The fastest way to Tenggarong is to take a bus from Samarinda (40kms away), where there is an airport with direct 2-hour flights from Jakarta. The airport in Balikpapan is the main airport in East Kalimantan and is half a day’s bus ride away.

Things to Do

Tenggarong Attractions

Kumala Island

The main attraction in tenggarong is a small, canoe-shaped island in the middle of the mahakam.

Kutai Sultan Palace

Now the mulawarman museum, featuring much history on the sultans including sultan aji muhammad salehudin ii, the 20th king of the sultanate.

Side trips from Tenggarong

Long Iram

A small village only accessible by boat from tenggarong features jungle life and dayak people.


Erau Paray

This september festival is worth a look if you are in town and interested in seeing the dayak peoples’ culture.