This remote town on the Mekong in eastern Cambodian is most popular with backpackers, who come to see the nearby Irrawaddy dolphins and the town’s many temples.

The best thing about Kratie is that it’s not as heavily touristed as the other main centers in Cambodia although this shows in the distinct lack of tourist infrastructure. There are, however, loads of cheap budget accommodation options in the town, which is perfect if you’re a backpacker looking to get off the beaten path.

Kratie Province proper extends farther east and north to the Vietnam border. Colonial architecture is in evidence around the town and there is also a fairly lively market to pick up some local handicrafts and fruits. Around the town is the biggest allure, with the curious Irrawaddy dolphins nearby and the Phom Sombok temples.

Getting There & Away

As Kratie is between airports - Stung Treng and Phnom Penh - the only way here is by road or boat. It is about three hours from Phnom and Stung Treng by bus respectively.

Things to Do

Kratie Attractions

Irrawaddy dolphin watching

Most people come to kratie to see the dolphins, which are north of town.

Phnom Sombok

This temple north of town has a hilltop setting and interesting paintings inside, and makes a good stop off after returning from seeing the dolphins.

Bird watching

Another popular attraction in kratie is to try and see the local mekong wagtail bird (motacilla samveasnae), which is endemic to cambodia.

Cham basket weaving villages

Three basket weaver villages lie 10 miles south of kratie, of which chheu teil ploch is the most interesting.

Kratie Market

This favorite market lies on the main road in town and has local foods and fruits along with cheap handicrafts.


Located around 25 miles from town, sambor features pre-angkorian temples, including wat sorsor muoy roi (‘temple of 100 columns’).

Onward Travel