Ko Phetra is a national marine park located in the Andaman Sea. It covers beautiful coastlines, open water and approximately 30 islands which can be found south of Trang.

The park has been a national marine park since 1984, which has ensured its protection from development. The majority of this protected area is open water, which is home to an abundance of beautiful coral.

Two of the largest islands in the park can be found in this open water and are popular diving spots. Ko Phetra and Ko Khao Yai are home to stunning coral, schools of tropical fish, sharks, rays and other fascinating sea life.

Most people visit the park on daytrips to take advantage of these underwater scenes and also to visit the deserted islands where sea turtles arrive to lay their eggs during breeding season. This unique sight is a highlight, as are the pristine beaches and beautiful inland forests.

Getting There & Away

Most people travel to this national park on a daytrip from Trang. Tour and dive boats are available, as are speed boats and longtail boats. Each vessel will get you here in a different time frame but all offer a fantastic experience. The nearest airport is at Trang but most visitors arrive from Bangkok by bus (12 hours) or train (15 hours).