Thaleh Ban National Park is located between Satun Province in Thailand and Malaysia and sits in a mountainous region that has been a national park since 1980. The park is home to numerous waterfalls, lakes and caves as well as diverse range of flora and fauna that live in the 75 square miles.

The park’s headquarters provide the setting for a beautiful lake which is a popular spot for picnicking. The highest limestone peak in the park is Khao Gin and it stands at an impressive 756 meters high. There are many nature trails to explore in Thaleh Ban National Park and Yaroi Waterfall is a pretty place to take a dip to cool off after the 13-mile overnight trek to the falls.

The park is full of amazing landscapes and environments, from mangroves and meadows to forest and mountains. Gibbons, wild boars, macaques and squirrels are among some of the wildlife resident in the area and there are a handful of bungalows and tents for rent and a small restaurant.

Getting There & Away

The closest airport to Thaleh Ban is in Hat Yai, which welcomes passengers from Bangkok (1 hour, 15 minutes) as well as various international destinations. Hat Yai is known as a transit hub for buses and trains as well flights and is only 60 miles from Satun. The trip from Satun to the park takes 30 minutes in a songthaew, private taxi or by guided tour bus and is best done outside of the rainiest part of the wet season.