Kep Travel Guide

Once one of Cambodia’s most elite beachside resort towns for wealthy French and Cambodians, Kep was literally destroyed during the Khmer Rouge era. But it has made a spectacular comeback, and is now one of Cambodia’s best beach destinations.

Just minutes from the Vietnamese border, Kep was once a town of villas, mansions and wide sidewalks. Many of these lovely colonial mansions remain, and the town is slowly being transformed back into a popular seaside retreat. There are several islands right off the coast, as well as a cool private zoo.

Kep is famous for its seafood, especially the crabs, but visitors will find plenty of other things to eat and do to keep them relaxed and entertained. The beaches aren’t as white and soft as in neighboring Sihanoukville, but the vibe in Kep is more laid-back. The town is easily reached by bus or taxi from Phnom Penh or Sihanoukville.

Getting There & Away

There are daily buses from the capital Phnom Penh to Kep with a journey time of 4 hours, and you can also hire a taxi to drive you here from Sihanoukville. Phnom Penh’s international airport handles flights from all over Asia as well as a select few destinations across the globe. You can also cross overland from Vietnam at the border crossing at Ha Tien.

Things to Do

Kep Attractions

Rabbit Island

This great daytrip takes 30 minutes to reach an unspoiled island where the swimming and boating is superb.

Teuk Chhou Zoo

A 30-minute taxi ride takes you to a small private zoo where some really exotic creatures are well kept such as tigers, gibbons, elephants and sun bears.

Kep Beach

Head down to the beach, which although being a bit pebbly and rough still makes a good spot to swim and work on your tan.

Onward Travel

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