Koh Tonsay Travel Guide

Koh Tonsay translates loosely as Rabbit Island, and it is a small white sand island off the south coast of Cambodia. The nearest town on land is Kep. It is justifiably popular with tourists from all over the world and boasts a very long, shallow slope off the beaches, making it perfect for swimming.

The water here tends to be surprisingly clear and calm, which makes for ideal snorkeling opportunities. Surfing is not really done here since there are very few large swells and deeper water can only be reached beyond the breakers.

The entire island is only two square kilometers, and two bungalow and resort operations do business. Reservations are not usually required, despite the island’s popularity since touts from both hotels will greet visitors at the port at Kep, and book them into rooms usually before they have set foot on the ferry.

Wild horses live in the island’s interior and only seven families call Koh Tonsay home. This peaceful set up makes it ideal for travelers in search of quiet and relaxation, but it is not really a party island and backpackers in search of some fun in the sun would probably be advised to look elsewhere, for everyone’s sake.

In brief

What is it? A popular tourist beach off the southern coast of Cambodia.

Opening hours: 24 hours, daily but ferry services run during daylight hours only.

Entrance fees: no admission charge.

Address/website: www.kepcity.com/koh_tonsay.html.

Where: off the southern coast of Cambodia, near the port town of Kep.

How to get there: catch a bus to Kep from Phnom Penh (4 hours). Ferries from Kep take around 1 hour and run during daylight hours, costing US$5 in each direction.