Karang Bolong Travel Guide

Karang Bolong is an interesting beach between Anyer and Carita on the west coast of West Java. It boasts plenty of character and is a popular natural attraction to boot.

Karang Bolong is characterized by a huge rock with a hole in it which opens onto the sea and provides a natural window onto the islands in the Sunda Strait. A small forest backs the beach and a river nearby is good for a dip. Visiting during the week and avoiding holidays and peak tourist times is a must if you want to enjoy Karang Bolong without hordes of other people.

Also worth visiting in the region is nearby Anyer Beach, which is just north of Karang Bolong. It has a decent tourist infrastructure and resorts, while farther south is the lower key resort of Carita. Labuhan is a little farther south than Carita and is also worth a look, while those who have come to see Gunung Krakatau for the trekking can take a fast boat out and be there in an hour.

Getting There & Away

West Java is best accessed by flying to Soekarno-Hatta Airport just west of Jakarta. Flights are numerous and come in here from all over the world. Transfer time to Karang Bolong is around 3 hours along the Jalan Tol Tangerang toll way and then a coastal road through Anyer.