Labuan Travel Guide

Not to be confused with the Malaysian island of Labuan off of the coast of Borneo, Labuan in West Java, Indonesia, is a bit of a weekend getaway for Jakartans, with its nice beach.

It’s in the general region of Carita Beach in the western side of Java but is easier to get to from the capital and is a lot more laid back. Some of the coastline here is fantastic and calm, allowing for good diving and snorkeling. The beach has millions of shells and is fairly quiet and relaxed during the week.

Labuan is also a good place to visit for jumps across the Gunung Krakatau, the volcanic islands of Krakatau and nearby Anak Krakatau that blew its top in the 1800s. The islands are still uninhabited today but treks can be paid to both peaks.

Travel to Labuan - getting there

Labuan is closer and easier to get to from Jakarta than Carita, to the north. Soekarno-Hatta Airport, near Jakarta, is the gateway airport, receiving flights from all over the region. It is 3 hours by road from Labuan.

Labuan attractions

Labuan Beach: the main highlight for a visit to Labuan is its main beach, which is smaller and more relaxed than Carita Beach.

Side trips from Labuan

Gunung Krakatau: better known as Krakatoa, this legendary still-active hotspot was the one that blew its top in the 1800s and is good for a trek.

In brief

What to do: lazing on beaches, visiting Gunung Krakatau.

Best time to go: April through October during Java’s dry season.

How long? A couple of days to chill out and visit Gunung Krakatau.

Trivia: Anak Krakatau (‘child of Krakatau’) is the newer, smaller island in the Krakatau chain.