Anyer Travel Guide

Lying due west of Jakarta on the northwest coast of West Java, Anyer is a popular beach area and gateway to Krakatau volcano.

It is all about the beach in Anyer, and although not the best stretch of sand on the island of Java, it has oodles of resorts and is pretty laid back. The swimming isn’t great at Anyer due to strong tides, yet the sunbathing and walking are good and it is really pretty at sunset time.

Hawkers ply Anyer Beach selling local exotic produce, such as the strange-tasting emping. One of the most popular resorts in Anyer is the called Putri Duyung resort. Trips to Gunung Krakatau go regularly from Anyer.

Getting There & Away

Flights land in Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta at Tangerang, which is just west of the capital and in the general direction of Anyer. Anyer is 2 hours west of Tangerang by road along Jalan Tol Tangerang, via Serang. Ferries also stop off at Anyer from all over Java and Sumatra.

Things to Do

Anyer Attractions

Anyer Beach

The main attraction here, featuring a long sweep of golden sands backed by coconut palms and numerous resorts.

Side trips from Anyer

Gunung Krakatau

Better known as krakatoa, this island group is the site of the famous eruption in the 1880s that tore the area apart and can be visited by tour boat.


Gathering Tourism Funday

A week-long event in anyer in early february featuring cultural performances and handicrafts galore.