Merak Travel Guide

The city of Merak sits right up in northwestern Java, two hours west of Jakarta, and is best known as a launch point for visits to Sumatra.

There’s not all that much to see in Merak and it’s not really worth the effort of getting here on its own merits. Most people heading to Merak either head across the Sunda Strait to the island of Sumatra on a ferry, or continue heading south for the resort of Anyer.

Ferry times from Merak to the main port in southeast Sumatra are around 2 hours, 30 minutes and they leave very regularly throughout the day. Merak does happen to be well known for its associations with the now elusive green peafowl and there is a small museum and several monuments in town that attest to this.

Getting There & Away

Soekarno-Hatta International Airport to the west of Jakarta is the main gateway to Java and Indonesia in general, located around 70kms from Merak and two hours by road. The Jakarta-Merak toll road is a reliable highway linking the two towns with ease.

Things to Do

Merak Attractions


The massive island province of sumatra is merak’s main accessible attraction and the reason most people visit.

Side trips from Merak


Lying about 30kms to the south of merak, anyer boasts a really nice, wide sweeping beach with some good snorkeling and diving as well as access to krakatau.