Hat Hin Ngam Travel Guide

Hat Hin Ngam is one of three beaches that occupy the small town of Sichon, Thailand. The region is less touristy than resorts such as Phuket but the beaches are pristine and quiet.

Hat Hin Ngam is a beautiful beach in the middle of the other two with easy-access routes into Sichon. The main activity of the day for the local Thais is sitting and watching the world go by on the main road between Surat Thani to the north and Nakhon to the south.

Just south of the pier in Sichon is the start of Hat Hin Ngam and it can be easily identified by a group of curious looking boulders that sit on the sand just after the pier. This is a popular spot for vacationing Thais because of the serenity surrounding the area and lack of intruding tourists. The weekends can get busy with local people enjoying picnics and family fun together but during the week there is barely a soul around.

Getting There & Away

With it being 40 miles north of Nakhon Si Thammarat, local buses are the best way to get here from the town. Nakhon Si Thammarat is a major hub and you can go just about anywhere from here on a bus. Surat Thani to the northwest has a train station where you can reach Bangkok and Malaysia and it also has an the closest international airport. Bangkok is 11 hours by bus from Nakhon Si Thammarat and 12 hours on the train from Surat Thani.

Things to Do

Hat Hin Ngam Attractions

Sichon Harbour

Colorful fishing boats line the harbour to be admired.