Chanthaburi Travel Guide

Chantaburi, the capital of the province of the same name, is a city located a little over 150 miles from Bangkok, making it an attractive destination for a weekend getaway or a couple of days away from the capital.

The town is best known perhaps for its gemstone industry but also has a reputation for its abundance of tropical fruit which includes mangosteen, sala, rambutan and durian. The last of these is especially popular and has given rise to the World Durian Festival, which is staged here every year during May.

With its proximity to the ocean, Chantaburi has some peaceful beaches within easy driving distance of the town center. The sea nearby also means that the local cuisine includes some great fish dishes and specialties made with shrimp, crab and other crustaceans.

Getting There & Away

Take the air-conditioned or non air-conditioned bus from Bangkok’s Ekamai Bus Station. The journey takes 4 hours and services leave every hour throughout the day. There are also services from Morchit Bus Station that are slightly faster but less frequent. Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport is the main international air gateway to the country.

Things to Do

Chanthaburi Attractions

Taksin Maharat Memorial

The province’s most famous historic figure is immortalised by this large statue situated on liap noen road.

Taksin Maharat Shrine

Situated alongside the city pillar on tha luang road, this shrine is dedicated to the province’s most historic figure.