Canyonlands National Park Travel Guide

Made famous by films such as Thelma and Louise as well as John Wayne westerns, Utah’s most outstanding and largest national park receives fewer visitors than its rivals, Bryce Canyon and Arches.

Created by the Colorado and Green rivers, Canyonlands is comprised of numerous canyons, buttes and mesas. Explorers of nature will find themselves at home in any one of the four areas of the park: Island in the Sky, home to a 1,500 foot canyon that some believe is a crash site of a UFO; Needles; Maze and Rivers.

The most commonly viewed animal here is the colorful collared lizard, and if you are feeling energetic, you can drop to the floor and join them in their interesting push-up style routine. Alternatively, you can simply look around and marvel at the 360 degree, 100 mile vistas of desolation on offer.