Moab Travel Guide

The quaint red rock town of Moab has long been renowned as a mecca for mountain bikers, but outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds can find something to do in the southeastern corner of Utah. Moab’s 4,000 foot elevation helps keep the climate pleasant throughout the year, and with only 5,000 residents there’s rarely any need to hurry to your next excursion.

One cruise down Moab’s Main street and it’s obvious that this is a tourist town, with dozens of businesses catering to the steady stream of visitors who come to bask in the red rock canyons that surround its green valley. Although the town is somewhat spread out along its main street, there’s a central section of four or five blocks where most of the shops, caf├ęs, bars and outfitters are located. If camping isn’t on your itinerary, you’ll find dozens of decent motels right in town.

Wide sidewalks make for pleasant window shopping along this strip and a wander down any side street will find quiet residential blocks. You’ll definitely need a car, preferably with a four-wheel drive, to get into the heart of this stunning country. But with miles of rugged dirt roads and thousands of acres of BLM land, you’ll never run out of places to explore.


Dan O’Laurie Moab Museum: the geology, history and public lands management of Moab and the surrounding region are all themes covered in this interesting little museum.

Red Cliffs Ranch Film Museum: from the Westerns of John Wayne to modern Hollywood blockbusters, this museum presents the history of film making in Moab through posters, props and other memorabilia.

Matheson Wetlands Preserve: this lush oasis is the protected home to 200 species of birds and dozens of native creatures, best experienced by walking its one-mile nature trail.

Slickrock Bike Trail: if you’re a mountain biker, you won’t want to miss riding this legendary single track trail which traverses a long stretch of amazingly sticky slick rock.

Corona Arch Trail: this wonderful three-mile hike passes the Colorado River, a colorful slickrock canyon and three amazing natural rock arches.