Yichang in western Hubei Province is a large city near the famed Three Gorges Dam. It is the end point on a Three Gorges river cruise and lies on the main expressway from Chengdu to Shanghai.

Yichang is 30kms downstream from the Three Gorges Dam. Since the dam’s construction, Yichang is used less often for trips upstream due to the obvious flooding of the gorges and the dam itself. The dam is the main attraction of a trip to Yichang and although unremarkable to look at, its dimensions are awesome. It is about 200m high and two kilometers long.

The Three Visitors Cave and park is another nice attraction near to Yichang. It has great views over the Yangtze River. Adventure types can bungee jump near the Three Visitors Cave. Yangtze River cruises are a popular way to see the lower Yangtze.

Getting There & Away

Yichang is about 400kms from Wuhan by expressway and is accessed by bus, a journey of about 7 hours. You can also take the boat which is slower and more scenic. Trains also run here and Yichang also has a small airport. Flight time from Beijing is 2 hours or 1 hour, 30 minutes from Shanghai.

Things to Do

Yichang Attractions

Yangtze River cruise

You can book a cruise and run all the way back to wuhan, the hubei capital.

Side trips from Yichang

Three Gorges Dam

Located 30kms west of yichang, the world’s largest engineering project was many years in the making.


Dragon Boat Festival

Yichang’s most famous festival sees racing from teams come from all over the world to commemorate the anniversary of quyuan’s death.