Facing the South China Sea, the province of Guangdong is just a short bus ride from Hong Kong and contains a number of interesting attractions.

Guangdong is a popular province among tourist and has a population of around 110 million. For centuries, the province has drawn migrant workers from other parts of China and most Chinese people living outside the country can trace their ancestral roots back to Guangdong.

The capital of Guangdong is Guangzhou, and this is a good place to start exploring the province as it contains an international airport as well as large bus and train stations. Some of the most popular attractions in Guangzhou include the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, Huanghua Gang Commemoration Park, Guangxiao Temple and Shamian Island, which contains a number of interesting buildings such as Our Lady of Lourdes Chapel.

Those who take the time to explore Guangdong will find a large number of other interesting cities such as Dongguan, Kaiping with its unusual castles, Shenzen, Zhuhai and the picturesque city of Taishan. Not to be missed are Baiyun Hill and the enchanting Xiangjiang Wilflife Park, both of which are situated in Guangzhou.

Guangdong is surrounded by mountains and features several large and lovely wildlife parks. Nature lovers will find plenty of places for trekking and hiking and there are several of species of animals living within the forests. Guides can be hired in most of the province’s cities, and this is a good way to fully appreciate the true beauty of Guangdong.

The Pearl River Delta runs through Guangdong, making travel by boat easy and fast. Hong Kong can be reached in less than two hours by boat and there are around a hundred ports in the province. Many of the residents of Guangdong make their living from fishing, and this is a good place to sample fresh seafood prepared in the traditional Cantonese style.

Guangdong is China’s southern gateway, and has long been an important trading post for a number of nations. Guangdong also has a rich and diverse history, and there are some excellent museums located through the province containing colorful collections of relics and photographs.

Getting There & Away

The main access point is Guangzhou, which has an international airport with connections to a range of international destinations such as Paris, Los Angeles and Sydney as well as domestic cities. Guangzhou is a 3-hour bus trip from the international airport at Hong Kong and an hour or so by bus from many towns and cities in Guangdong. It is also connected by rail and boat.

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