Wuhan is the capital of Hubei Province in central China, 700kms west of Shanghai and 1,000kms south of Beijing. It is a major port on the Yangtze River, has tons of attractions and facilities and makes a good launch pad for exploring the province.

You can get to Wuhan either by flying, by train, by express highway, or by river. The town is a major hub and is an amalgamation of three cities: Hankou, Hanyang and Wuchang. Hankou lies north of the Yangtze and is the business district; Hanyang is south of the Han River and is the industrial center; while Wuchang is the education sector and is south of the Yangtze.

Wuhan comes with a number of decent sights, with loads of temples and pagodas, as well as a so-so zoo. Jiqing Street is the main thoroughfare in Wuhan and is good fun at night, with innumerable street restaurants and buskers.

Getting There & Away

Wuhan is connected by expressways from Beijing via Zhengzhou, and Shanghai via Nanjing. Trains also come in via these routes and Wuhan is a major rail hub. Express services connect with Beijing in about 12 hours and with Shanghai in 9 hours. Tianhe Airport is the closest airport and is around an hour by road from Wuhan.

Things to Do

Wuhan Attractions

Yellow Crane Tower (Huanghelou)

The largest tourist attraction in wuhan, a fantastic five-tiered pagoda with fine views over the town.

Guiyuan Temple

This 17th century temple was hubei’s first zen temple.

Side trips from Wuhan

Yangtze Cruise

China’s longest river runs through wuhan and the most well known cruise is from chongqing.


Wuhan International Tourist Festival

A carnival-type festival in september and october beside the river.