Silverton Travel Guide

Capturing the essence of the scenic Colorado region, Silverton is a picture-postcard waiting to happen with its rugged mountains, shimmering lakes and lush green fauna. Comprising part of San Juan]] County, Silverton offers clean air and thousands of acres of public land which can be explored at leisure or used for the pursuit of a vast number of outdoor activities.

Once a mining town, Silverton’s dedication to that industry has long since waned although it still recognizes it as an integral part of its heritage. Tourism is perhaps the most significant industry in the town now but fortunately, to date, the scene has been ecologically conscious and little of the environment or the traditional way of life has been lost.

The town is popular with both outdoor pursuit enthusiasts and those looking to immerse themselves in nature and enjoy something of the relaxed and highly welcoming atmosphere generated by its local population. There are less than 600 permanent residents living in the town so it’s easy to find yourself on first name terms with plenty of local characters if you choose to stay for more than a few days.


San Juan Historical Society and Pioneer Museum: take a short trip to nearby Pagosa Springs to pay a visit to this small but interesting museum facility that gives an insight into the mining and social history of the region.

Old Hundred Gold Mine Tour: take a tour of the Old Hundred mine and discover something of the conditions that miners had to work in during its 70 or so years of operation.

Snowmobile tours: take a trip into the San Juan Mountains in the winter season for a spot of snowmobiling in the care of local travel companies.

Outdoor activities: hiking, rafting, mountain biking and more can be enjoyed in the San Juan mountains during Silverton’s summer season, while the town is renowned for its excellent skiing opportunities in the winter months.