Vail Travel Guide

Located in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Vail sits at an elevation of more than 2,500 meters above sea level and is best known as a hub for outdoor activities, mainly skiing. Dominated by Vail Mountain, with its nearly 200 marked ski runs and dozens of ski lifts, Vali attracts winter sports enthusiasts from across the globe.

Given its popularity as a ski resort, Vail is busiest in the winter months of December and January however the ski season lasts for much longer. The resort recently ranked as one of the best in the world and offers runs suitable for all levels of expertise.

In the summer, Vail remains a hive of outdoor activity offering mountain-biking, hiking and rafting on the nearby Eagle River, with more daring whitewater runs on offer on the Arkansas River just an hour’s drive away. With six golf courses in and around the valley, Vail is a destination that also offers more sedate outdoor activities. Vali has a number of good restaurants and bars that attract the après-ski crowd, most of which have great views of the mountain.

Vail attractions

Vail Ski Resort: is the main the reason to come here, with this huge winter sports center being considered one of the best on the planet and offering a huge variety of runs and great facilities.

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens: officially the highest botanical gardens in the world at an elevation of more than 2,500 meters with about 2,000 species of plants.

Piney Lake: 12 miles from Vail, this freshwater lake has numerous attractions including boating, fishing and nearby horseback riding.

Beaver Springs: another picturesque spot with a ski resort just down the valley from Vail.

Glenwood Springs: a town less than 1-hour drive from Vail with hot springs, spas and an adventure park.