Denver Travel Guide

Although it’s easy to look at Denver as merely a gateway to the endless recreation options waiting in the vast Rocky Mountains, the city itself has a vibrant and colorful atmosphere well worth exploring. A perfect urban complement to the natural world around it, Denver has dining, nightlife and shopping scenes to rival any other city in America.

The city is divided into a mosaic of neighborhoods, each with its own distinct character and range of dining and entertainment venues. The downtown, called LoDo, is a wonderful realm of renovated red brick warehouses, pedestrian streets and trendy brewpubs. Many of Denver’s neighborhoods are filled with charming Victorian homes and massive leafy trees that burst into color during autumn. Numerous public parks and creeks are scattered throughout, which tie the city to its surrounding natural environment.

Denver attractions

Colorado History Museum: Denver’s rise from a humble mining camp to a world-class metropolis is well-documented through old photographs, artifacts and historical exhibits.

Denver Art Museum: prodigies such as Georgia O’Keefe and Remington stand side by side with an exceptional collection of Native American art and artifacts.

Denver Zoo: more than 750 species of wildlife from around the globe coexist at this zoo, which has long emphasized natural habitat enclosures and endangered animal preservation programs.

Four Mile Historic Park: offering a rare look at Western pioneer life, everything in this 12 acre open-air museum dates from the mid-1800s, when Denver was at the peak of the gold rush.

Larimer square: it all started right here in this downtown neighborhood, in 1858. Today Larimer continues to be an important center for drinking, eating and shopping.

Six Flags Elitch Gardens: Denver’s amusement park reaches the highest standards of thrilling, innovative rides and fun for kids of all ages.

State Capitol: commanding views of the Rockies can be had from the entrance steps, exactly one mile above sea level.