Vinh Phuc Province Travel Guide

Resting in the Red River Delta in Vietnam’s north, around 50kms (30 miles) from Hanoi, the mountainous Vinh Phuc province features innumerable cultural monuments and historic sites. This ‘tourist triangle’ features various famous holiday resorts, above all the outstanding first-class Tam Dao resort placed in the verdant Tam Dao National Park, 1,000 meters above sea level.

The province is also home to Tay Thien, another gorgeous cultural spot that has a similar environment to Tam Dao and is famous for its streams, waterfalls and further picturesque sceneries. Visitors can enjoy relaxing impressions of hundreds of ancient pagodas and temples in Vinh Phuc or head to the Dai Lai lake, which is enclosed by several natural beaches.

Vinh Phuc province can be easily reached by land or by air via Hanoi’s international airport.