Hung Yen Province Travel Guide

Located in the Red River delta, Hung Yen province is in the middle of an important transportation network. Endowed with fertile soil, its production includes paddy rice, lotus and logan. The province is famous for its cuisine, with dishes such as bun thang (noodle in chicken soup) and nhan long (longan and lotus nuts) being popular.

Hung Yen’s cultural interests span from operetta songs to traditional singings (hat a dao) and the province is loaded with historical and religious landmarks, such as Pho Hien (once a prosperous commercial harbor), Da Trach and Chu Dong Tu temples, and Mau temple, which enjoys a stunning landscape adjacent to a lake. Traditional festivals are often held in the province and usually consist of water processions.

The province is close to Noi Bai International Airport and is easily accessed by national highway and railway.