Sulu Islands Travel Guide

The Sulu Islands is an archipelago in the southern Philippines which stretches all the way from the end of the Zamboanga Peninsula to Malaysian Borneo. Fine white sand beaches and great diving are hallmarks of the Sulu Islands.

Often referred to as the ‘backdoor of the Philippines’, the Sulu Islands is most visited for Jolo Island]] and the town of Jolo itself, the main city of the island group. Here there is some fantastic trekking among volcanic landscapes, with the mountains of Tumatangas and Mount Dajo National Park providing the best of it. The Bud Dajo cone is a major attraction here also.

Jolo town is the main gateway to the Sulu Islands, with an airport and a major port. It also features the most hotels and the best tourist infrastructure. Jolo has a walled town in the center which was built by the Spanish to protect it from possible foreign invaders. There are several mosques to check out in Jolo Town to boot.

Getting There & Away

Jolo Island is the entry point for visits to the Sulu Islands, lying right in the center of the archipelago. Flights arrive daily at Jolo from Manila via Zamboanga City. Jolo Airport is just outside town and is 45 minutes’ flying time from Zamboanga City. High-speed ferries also run to Jolo from Zamboanga City.

Onward Travel

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