Koh Kong Island, in the southwest of the Cambodia and of the province of the same name, is just a few miles offshore in the Thai Gulf and is a popular tourist haven. People come here on a visa run from nearby Thailand and to swim, fish, gamble and chill out.

The town of Koh Kong is the capital of the province and is the first port of call from Thailand. Many people then head down to Koh Kong Island by boat. It is about 10 miles long (north to south) and four miles wide and is surrounded by quiet white beaches.

There is not much to see or do here besides walking, swimming, snorkeling and eating as it is fairly undeveloped, yet is good for a few days of chilling out. Many Westerners have set up bars and restaurants here and you can simply walk around the town and see the rest of the island by motorbike.

There are around 20 resorts to choose from on Koh Kong Island, although tourist facilities in general are quite lax.

In brief

What is it? A pretty, remote island in the Cambodian southwest often used to get in and out of Cambodia or Thailand.
Opening hours: 24 hours, daily.
Entrance fees: free.

Address/website: www.koh-kong-cambodia.com.

Where: located north of Sihanoukville in the southwest corner of Cambodia, Koh Kong Province.

How to get there: getting from Sihanoukville by boat is the best bet, with connections from Phnom Penh to the latter by bus taking 3 hours. Buses also come in from Srae Ambel.