There’s not much to see in the sleepy Cambodian village of Sre Ambel. This former port is located across the river from the interesting town of Krong Koh Kong, which is a much better place to visit.

Yet Sre Ambel does have a certain charm, albeit somewhat hidden. The surrounding countryside is pretty, featuring limestone mountains and jungles. For those who need a break from traveling, this is a good place to relax for a while and drink a beer or two by the river.

Sre Ambel has a number of comfortable guest houses and restaurants and visitors are sure to receive a warm welcome from the people who live in this charming village. Although you won’t find the best food in Cambodia here, experimenting with local favorites can be an interesting although perhaps slightly hair-raising experience.

Getting There & Away

The ferry service is now closed and most people travel to Sre Ambel by bus or pickup truck along National Highway 4 from Krong Koh Kong, which is 140kms away, or from Phnom Pehn, which is slightly farther at 150kms away.

Things to Do

Sre Ambel Attractions

Stung Phong Roul Waterfall

Hire a boat and guide to explore this magnificent waterfall set in the middle of a dense jungle.