Rawai Travel Guide

Rawai is a chilled, medium-sized beach in the south of Phuket. It is just up from Phrom Thep Cape and split into Mittraphap Beach in the north and Laem Ka port in the southern part.

Rawai is a lot less touristy and laid back than many of Phuket’s beach areas and is particularly known for its sea gypsies, palm-fringed promenade, and quiet caf├ęs. The beach isn’t much to look at and is pretty much non-existent at high tide, however.

The main attractions at Rawai, apart from the beach and the obvious relaxed atmosphere, is Laem Ka, a rocky bay just north of Rawai Beach. The Sea Gypsy Village, Phuket Sea Shell Museum and the many excellent seafood restaurants along the promenade are also noteworthy. Rawai also comes with an eclectic, yet somewhat limited, nightlife.

Getting There & Away

Rawai is almost as far as you can get from Phuket International Airport although fairly good roads line the route. Taxi travel is the fastest option, with an hour transfer time depending on the time of day and going by way of Chalong Circle. Phuket Town is 22kms from the airport and about 12kms from Rawai.

Things to Do

Rawai Attractions

Phuket Sea Shell Museum

The world’s largest golden pearl, along with many rare shells, can be seen here, where the emphasis is mainly on the thai region.

Ko Kaeo

This islet is popular with day-trippers from rawai beach for its nice beaches and snorkeling. it is a 30-minute journey from rawai.