Cambridge Travel Guide

Located north of London on the eastern side of England, Cambridge is a historic town best known for its university, which is widely considered the best higher education establishment in the world and dates back to the 13th century. The city is dominated by the structures of Cambridge University, as well as some other impressive gothic architecture and wide expanses of green parks and fields.

Any visit to Cambridge must take in the historic university and its many colleges. King’s College and the hugely impressive King’s College Chapel are the highlights of the town. Both built in the middle of the 15th century, these structures represent some of the city’s stunning architecture and reputation for excellence. The university’s educational exploits are well known; while the chapel is home to a world-famous choir. Cambridge is dotted with additional ecclesiastical buildings including St Mary the Great with St Michael, the main church of the university, featuring the Cambridge Chimes – later adopted by the now more famous Big Ben at Westminster, London.

Given its status as a student and tourism town, it is unsurprising that Cambridge hosts a wealth of restaurants and even bigger choice of bars. The best drinking holes, many of them centuries old, are dotted around the city, given the decentralized college set-up at the university. The Pickerel Inn on Magdelene street, near the college of the same name, claims to be the oldest.

Cambridge attractions

King’s College and Chapel: are the most-visited college and grounds in Cambridge and with good reason. The chapel dominates the town’s skyline and is therefore Cambridge’s most celebrated icon.

St Mary the Great with St Michael Church: marks the center of the town and acts as the main university chapel. It is famous for its Cambridge Chimes, written in 1793.

Fitzwilliam Museum: is the official museum of arts and antiquities of the university. Its five main sections include an art exhibition with a fine 20th century collection featuring all the big names.

Cambridge Corn Exchange: is the main theater and entertainment complex, where you can catch some terrific performances.

The Eagle: is a famous pub in Cambridge once frequented by Francis Crick and James Watson, who unraveled the secrets of DNA.