Perched on the shores of the Adriatic Sea is the fabulous UNESCO World Heritage site of Dubrovnik, one of Croatia’s most popular tourist destinations. The pedestrian Old Town looks like it stepped out of a movie set with its narrow lanes and medieval stone houses. Interesting museums and a dramatic seaside backdrop make the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’ a real gem.

In Dubrovnik, you are either inside the wall or outside the wall. The pedestrian-only Old Town lies within the city’s ancient walls, creating a surreal environment of antiquity that rivals anything in Europe. Almost all the attractions are found in the Old Town, from historic churches to modern art galleries. But the ancient city walls and towers are the real eye-catchers here, creating a timeless environment.

Outside the walls, visitors will find all the modern amenities necessary for sustaining a trip to this city. A larger suburban district spreads out from the Old Town, packed with hotels, restaurants, shops and parks. It’s likely you’ll stay outside the walls for lodging, but spend all waking time inside.****


City walls: you can walk around the top of these wonderful medieval walls which run for over one mile around the Old Town and watch the city going about its business down below from a bird’s eye view.

Dominican Monastery and Museum: in addition to the amazing architecture of this 14th century compound, the museum has an excellent collection of religious art from Dubrovnik and the region.

Luza square: this crossroads in the heart of the Old Town is the ideal spot to hang out, splash in the fountain or catch one of the city’s festivals.

Onofrio’s fountains: these ingenious fountains which are landmarks of the city are the first thing you’ll see when you enter through Pile Gate or Ploce Gate.

Pile Gate: the busiest entrance into the Old Town is complete with a drawbridge, period-costume guards and loads of ambiance.

St Blaise Church: the patron saint of Dubrovnik can be seen all over the city, and this is his Baroque-style church which attracts people to its wide shady steps.

The Stradun: the Old Town’s marble-paved main street runs all the way from Pile Gate to Ploce Gate, offering endless shopping, eating and drinking opportunities for the constant stream of people walking along its path.