Lying on the east coast of South Palawan, Brooke’s Point is a 1st class town that is celebrated as somewhat of an ecotourism destination. It was named after founder British Army explorer, Sir James Brooke.

Brooke’s Point is a medium-sized town on the coast and came about after the then governor of Sarawak landed here on a voyage in the 1830s. The area was realized for its strategic location and stunning scenery.

There are many attractions to seek out in Brooke’s Point, including Port Miller and Lighthouse, Brooke’s Point Ecological Park, and the nearby lush Sabsaban Falls. The town has plenty of accommodation options - both within the town proper and along the beaches. Prices are generally cheaper here than in North Palawan.

Travel to Brooke’s Point- getting there

Brooke’s Point is 100-odd kilometers south of Puerto Princesa and is best reached by minivan from the capital. Flights land at Puerto Princesa daily from Manila and other major centers in the country - journey time from Manila is about an hour. From here the trip to Brooke’s Point takes 3 or 4 hours.

In brief

Worth it? Not really, unless you have lots of time to spare in Palawan.

What to do: checking out nearby beaches and waterfalls.

Best time to go: December through to March or April.

How long? One or two days is enough in Brooke’s Point.

Trivia: Brooke’s Point was founded by Sir James Brooke in the 1830s.

Brooke’s Pointattractions

  • 1 - Port Miller and Lighthouse Tower: Brooke’s Point’s main landmark, which was purported to have been built by Sir James Brooke himself.
  • 1 - Brooke’s Point Ecological Park: featuring stunning vistas from high up near to Brooke’s Point.

Side trips from Brooke’s Point

  • 1 - Sabsaban Falls: about 30 minutes out of town on foot in Aribungas, these falls are ideal for a swim in the hotter months.