North Palawan Travel Guide

North Palawan is about the touristiest part of this huge island province, which lies in the Sulu and South China seas in the western Philippines. It’s one of islands, beaches and jungles and also has plenty of seclusion for those who prefer solitude.

One of the most beautiful and isolated parts of North Palawan is the island of El Nido up in the north, a secluded haven of fine beaches. There is also some excellent snorkeling around here, along with many of the other islands. The town of El Nido is charming and has clean streets and many hotels.

Farther south is Port Barton, known for its diving and ideal for a relaxing few days. San Vicente, a quiet fishing town, is nearby and has plenty of beaches to laze on and gawk at. Taytay has plenty of old Spanish buildings. Island hoppers should check out the Bacuit and Calamian archipelagos.

Only small chartered planes from Manila fly tourists to the upscale resorts. Everybody else takes the sea ferry to this picturesque fishing town.

Getting There & Away

Puerto Princesa Domestic Airport in Central Palawan is the gateway to North Palawan. It lies just outside the capital of the province, Puerto Princesa, and is an hour’s flight from Manila’s domestic airport. There are also a few flights a week to the Calamian Islands from Manila, as well as to El Nido Airport.

Things to Do

North Palawan Attractions

El Nido and the Bacuit archipelago

A favored part of north palawan, with the best beaches and plenty of isolation.

Side trips from North Palawan

Calamian Islands

Even more remote than el nido, the calamians are off the northeast coast of the main island and offer some of the world’s best wreck diving.


Flowers of May

Takes place throughout the philippines in may, including north palawan cities, and features much parading.