St. Croix Travel Guide

Part of the Virgin Islands chain, St Croix is a small Caribbean island that has previously been owned by a host of European powers before the US took possession of the territory in 1917. While the shoreline is dominated by beautiful beaches and reefs, the interior is covered by green hills and thick rainforest.

With much of its economy accounted for by the tourism industry, St Croix is a Caribbean island that remains mostly green with spectacular snorkeling and diving. To the north of the main island is the tiny Buck Island Reef, a protected reserve almost completed surrounded by reefs which are home to rare sea animals, including turtles. With its stunning white sandy beaches, the island is popular with visitors and can be reached easily.

The two main towns on St Croix are Christiansted and Frederiksted, both located on the coast. Christiansted, the larger of the two, was the capital of the Danish West Indies from the 18th to the 19th century, and there remains a historic fort dating back to this period along with an old customs house and other buildings.


Christiansted: the largest town on the island with numerous old buildings dating back to the Danish colonial era.

Buck Island Reef National Park: a secluded tropical island with perfect sandy beaches and an extensive reef system that offers great snorkeling.

Frederiksted: is the only other town on the island and home to the Cruzan Rum Distillery which receives tour groups.

St George Village Botanical Garden: have more than 1,500 species which surround a 19th century Danish sugar cane plantation.