Central America Travel Guide

Central America, a diverse landscape stretching from Panama to Guatemala, is a vibrant area steeped in ancient traditions and textured cultural traditions. Once known as a place of political turmoil, today the region draws visitors for a holiday experience like no other.

The natural attractions abounding in Cost Rica see eco-tourists come in their thousands, while the volcanic lines and fascinating, ancient heritage of El Salvador provide an eye opening experience. Guatemala’s Tikal ruins and the stunning El Peten rainforests are among the top Central American attractions. The city of Copan, in Honduras, is a colorful metropolis dating back to Mayan times, while the Islas de Bahía provides the perfect retreat location for a peaceful sojourn.

Nicaragua is today a well developed country with excellent tourist infrastructure. For some of the region’s best diving, Belize is a popular destination. Vast plains and soaring mountain ranges offer varied opportunities to suit all types of visitors coming to Central America.

With a colorfully rich history and various cultural traditions as part of the region’s unique charm, visitors will be amazed at how much there is to do and see. Ethnic groups provide an insight into the rich traditions of the various groups, while music and food culture are among the most rewarding experiences.

Well established rail lines will transport you from country to country and within the various states. From vibrant capital cities to remote rural landscapes, there will be little time to rest while exploring this area of the world. Bustling nightlife scenes, defined by boisterous traditional music and lots of the best of local liquor, will not disappoint those who like to party. For a more relaxing trip, natural exploration and world class spa facilities are among the most popular holiday options in Central America.