Virgin Islands Travel Guide

Lying to the east of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands comprise two separate entities, the US Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands. The US archipelago hosts islands with names dedicated to various saints such as St Thomas, St John, St Croix, with Water Island for good measure. The British Virgins are made up of more than sixty picture perfect islands, where friendly locals and perfect beaches combine to make them destinations like few others.

All of the islands in the region are popular with newlyweds, who choose these idyllic spots for a romantic sojourn. White sand beaches surrounded by crystal waters provide the perfect day time lounges, while the volcanic interiors offer spectacular options for exploration. Year round sunny climes and some of the world’s most pleasant scuba diving sites make the Virgin Islands popular among tourists from around the world.

Rich local culture dating back many centuries provides constant entertainment with lively musical traditions. Combining reggae riffs, calypso and the musical genres of the colonists, lively performances can be found throughout the islands and provide a rich entertainment option for visitors.

The spectacular national park on St John’s Island is one of the most popular destinations within the Virgin Islands. Included in this almost 7,000 acre area are soaring mountains, pristine beaches and stunning valleys. Exploration of these natural wonders will not only provide outstanding scenic beauty but can offer the perfect setting for some extreme adventure sports.

With miles of coastline, visitors are treated to some of the most pleasant diving opportunities in the world. Stunning coral reefs, wrecks dating back many centuries and a plethora of underwater wildlife, hours of sub-sea exploration should be on the cards while visiting this stunning region of the world.

The colonization of the Virgin Islands still has a strong influence on many of the islands, with architectural features and dining options showcasing the various European cultural traits which have been adopted in this Caribbean wonderland.