The double-decked water falls named the Popokvil Falls are named after the swirling mists that steam and cloud around the cascading waters. At all times of the year, a combination of heavy water flow and high humidity make a tranquil sight of clouds of delicately circling mists and steam.

Visitors to Bokor Hill Station invariably include a journey to Popokvil Falls as part of their visit to Bokor Hill Station since the mountain here is only reachable via an arduous four wheel drive journey up the muddy roads that snake around the mountain walls, and the Popokvil Falls are only a 30-minute walk from the mountain peak.

The upper falls fall 15m and the pond at their base is well used as a swimming hole. The water is clear and clean and makes for a very refreshing dip, especially in times of extra high heat and thick humidity. The lower falls are larger and more dramatic, but are more difficult to get to and the swimming opportunities there are less appealing.

There are no vendors or shops here just as there are not any at Bokor Hill Station. All visitors, then, need to ensure that any required supplies are brought with them. Care should be taken to remove all rubbish at the end of a visit too, so that the falls remain pristine.

In brief

What is it? A two-tiered waterfall in southern Cambodia.

Opening hours: 24 hours, daily.

Where: Bokor Hill, in southern Cambodia.

How to get there: four wheel drive taxis run on charter trips from either Phnom Penh or Sihanoukville to Bokor Hill Station and the falls are a 30-minute walk from there. The hill station is a 2 hour road trip from Kampot, from where connections to Phnom Penh can be made in 4 hours.