Bokor National Park Travel Guide

Bokor National Park is a pretty hilltop protected area in southern Cambodia’s Kampot Province, which is famed for its wild elephants, tigers and waterfalls.

A hill station (Bokor Hill Station) was originally set up in the region in the 1920s by French colonialists as a means of escaping the heat of the plains. Today, there are many things to do and see in the park although there is an ongoing project to develop the area and the entry road so access may be tough going or even non-existent.

Walkers will find several trails that range from 2 hours to a full day’s walking. They are not well maintained, however, so it’s worth hiring a local ranger. The Popokvil Falls are a major highlight of Bokor National Park, yet need to be seen in the wet season and on foot.

Other sights in Bokor National Park include the Black Palace ruins, a church, and the Bokor Palace Hotel and Casino. The Ranger Station currently has a simple dorm as accommodation.

Getting There & Away

Bokor National Park is tough to get to due to the state of the access road and is generally closed due to development. You can still gain entry through local travel agents and by scooter or four-wheel drive via 2-hour journey from Kampot. The entrance to the park is about five miles from Kampot on National Route 3, from where it’s a 20-mile uphill trek.