Pitcairn Island Travel Guide

Located in the South Pacific Ocean, halfway between Peru and New Zealand - the small island of Pitcairn is the last remaining British colony today and was where the mutineers on the H.M.S Bounty set up a new home.

The Bounty Bay is still strewn with many Bounty artifacts like the burnt wreck of the ship, a ship’s anchor and a Bounty cannon. The UNESCO World Heritage Site Henderson Island has a fringing reef and is great place for bird watching. The Acadia Island is also good for its variety of seabirds and a nice lagoon.

Getting There

Accessing the island is difficult. Pitcairn Islands doesn’t have any airport and as such doesn’t figure on any flight route. Only small motorboats can reach the island and hardly any passenger ships dock at Pitcairn Islands; they simply stop by to offload cargo and the occasional passengers.

Weather & Climate

The climate is tropical, ranging from 20°C and 30°C that is slightly moderated by the cool sea breezes. The island receives heavy rainfall from November to March.