Niue Travel Guide

Niue is an Island in the South Pacific Ocean with

The tourist attractions in Nuie include the Avaki Cave, where the Niuen settlers landed.The cavern and a beautiful rock pool at Avaki Cave along with the Hio Beach with a coral reef where can go snorkeling are popular tourist attractions. The Hakupu village puts up a dance night and delicious cuisine for the benefit of tourists. The hike trail to the Vaikona Chasm amidst forest and dead coral pinnacles is great for adventure-seekers.

Niue has a self-governing parliamentary democracy, in association with New Zealand. and it’s capital is Alofi

Getting There

Niue’s Hanan Airport is linked by direct flights from Auckland and Samoa. Nuie doesn’t have any provisions for passenger sea crossings, but yachts can dock at the Alofi wharf.

Weather & Climate

The climate is tropical, with high humidity. The presence of southeast trade winds ensures that conditions don’t get too stuffy. Between October and April, there are heavy rains.