American Samoa Travel Guide

American Samoa is a stunningly beautiful archipelago in the South Pacific, consisting of two coral atolls and five volcanic islands. The Islands are known for their world-class beaches, lovely bays and reefs, spectacular craters and waterfalls, and a wide range of exciting watersports.

Tourist attractions in American Samoa include the picturesque harbor and capital Pago Pago (which in fact is a crater of an extinct volcano), Ofu Beach, Forbidden Bay, one of the most enchanting in the South Pacific, and the American Samoa National Park, famous for its impressive Judds Crater and bird population. The spectacular Leone Falls, Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary, and the traditional Samoan settlement at Tula Village are other attractions on the Islands.

Getting There

Many international airlines including Samoa Air operate services between American Samoa and other destinations in the South Pacific. A number of cruise lines also call at Pago Pago.

Weather & Climate

American Samoa enjoys a warm tropical climate, moderated by southeast trade winds. It has two seasons: a rainy season (December to April) and dry season (May to September), with little seasonal temperature variation.