Neak Luong Travel Guide

Neak Luong (Neak Leung) is a busy town on the banks of the Mekong to the east of Phnom Penh, lying not far from Prey Veng. It was the site of accidental US bombing during the Cambodian Civil War.

The reason Neak Luong is so popular is because of its strategic location on National Highway 1 and the Mekong. The road from Phnom Penh eventually links up with Ho Chi Minh City in southern Vietnam and many tourists actually take in Neak Luong as a stop-off on the way to Vietnam or Phnom Penh.

Attractions in the area include many battlegrounds from Cambodia’s turbulent history, including that of the 1970s Cambodian Civil War. The town was unfortunately the scene of an accidental bombing by an American B52 bomber. Large craters can be seen in and around the town, and Neak Luong was depicted in the movie, The Killing Fields.

Getting There & Away

Neak Luong, lying 40 miles to the southeast, is well connected to Phnom Penh by road and boat. Buses can make the journey from the capital in a couple of hours and you can also get here direct from Ho Chi Minh City. Prey Veng is an hour north along Route 15. Phnom Penh’s international airport receives flights from all over the region.

Things to Do

Neak Luong Attractions

Neak Luong market

An interesting sprawling indoor market with loads of stalls and fake gucci purses.

Prey Vea Temple

A beautiful temple in a mountain setting lying near the town of prey veng, to the north of neak luong.

Ba Phnom

Also north of neak luong and containing cambodia’s oldest archaeological sites.