Aptly named Little Cayman is less than 10 miles in area and has a permanent population of only 170 people. Located about 80 miles northeast of Grand Cayman, the island is famed for its scuba diving.

Little Cayman, a laid-back haven with miles of spectacular coastline, is a popular destination for naturalists, photographers, divers and those who simply wish to relax. The beaches of the island are perfect secluded spots with shady palm trees, white sand and crystal clear waters.

Ranking as one of the top wall dive sites in the world, Bloody Bay Wall is located on the northwest of the island. Its dramatic drop from 15 feet to 5,000 feet draws diving fanatics from all over the world. The UNESCO designated reserve for the red-footed booby is home to the largest population of this curiously named bird in the western hemisphere. There is an observation deck with telescopes for prime views of the reserve’s birdlife.


Little Cayman Museum: home to relics of Little Cayman’s past, this small museum is an interesting insight into some of the history of the island.

Tarpon Lake: home to hundreds of tarpon fish, this secluded spot is perfect for fishing.

Jackson Point: another of the island’s renowned dive sites.