Dubois Travel Guide

Located between Yellowstone National Park and Wind River Indian Reservation in western Wyoming, Dubois, pronounced ‘Doo-boys’, is popular with those in search of that rugged Western look amid spectacular landscapes. This small town on Highway 26 also has great shopping and an affinity with bighorn sheep.

Dubois was originally called Never Sweat, owing to its dry climate, although it was later renamed after early Never Sweat senator, Fred Dubois. Try to resist the urge of pronouncing the town as the French-sounding ‘Doo-bwah’ when speaking to locals.

Downtown has that ‘Old Western’ look, complete with authentic wooden facades and attractive boardwalks. Plenty of stores line the boardwalks and there are also several quality restaurants with a surprising number of tastes catered for.

Many visitors come to Dubois for the fabulous surroundings and the south entrance to Yellowstone is only a short drive away. Just south of town in Whiskey Basin huge herds of bighorn sheep graze, while various types of outdoor activities can be enjoyed in the region.****


National Bighorn Sheep Interpretive Center: located in the center of town just off the highway, this interesting center tells the story of one of the largest extant herd of bighorn in the world.

Dubois Museum: just west of downtown on the main highway, Dubois Museum covers Dubois’s history and the Sheepeater Indians.

Wind River Range: home to Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone tribes, this impressive mountain range borders the huge Wind River Reservation.

Yellowstone National Park: the world-famous park is best visited just before or after the main summer season and features extremely impressive land formations and wildlife.