Grand Teton National Park Travel Guide

This iconic mountain range along the western edge of Wyoming is one of the most famous and stunning vistas in the US. Located midway along the length of the Rocky Mountains, Grand Teton lies at the heart of the wonderful Grand Teton National Park. The nearest civilization is the small ski town of Jackson, a legendary alpine destination in its own right.

Driving from any direction, it’s impossible to miss the towering, jagged behemoth of Grand Teton rising out of the green valley floor. This small but surreal-like mountain range is one of North America’s most beautiful and has been photographed to exhaustion. Elk and bison roam freely through the park’s lowlands, while eagles soar over the picture-perfect Snake River which winds through the valley.

Though much smaller than neighboring Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton offers a wealth of activities and natural highlights. A dozen of its mountain peaks rise above 12,000 feet, offering some of the world’s best hiking, climbing and mountaineering. The Snake River and Jackson Lake are ideal spots for rafting, fly fishing and other water sports, while the town of Jackson is just minutes away and offers the chance to enjoy an elk steak and microbrew after a hard day in the mountains.

Grand Teton attractions

Colter Bay: this busy commercial hub at the northern end of the park is where you can find the visitor center, basic provisions and the impressive Indian Arts Museum.

Jackson Lake: the biggest lake in the park is the ideal place to fish, boat or even take a swim if you can brave the chilly alpine waters.

Jenny Lake: just off Teton Park road is this lovely lake, which is the starting point for hikes to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point as well as the home of the exclusive Jenny Lake Lodge.

Moose: this tiny town right at the edge of Grand Teton is a great place to stock up on supplies or get information at the park’s headquarters or visitor center.

Signal Mountain: located along one of the park’s lakes, this is a popular area for campers and hikers, providing easy access to the mountains.

Snake River: boaters and fly fishermen will think they have found paradise in the wide river which flows along the flanks of Grand Teton.

The peaks: Grand Teton’s massive granite peaks dominate every view of the park and are by far the main attraction even if you only stop by the road to snap a few photos.