South America|South America’s oldest continuous settlement, Cusco is one of Peru’s most fascinating destinations and as such, it has been designated as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Walls dating back to Incan times surround a city that is filled with museums and interesting cultural heritage sites. Its location in the Southern Sierra regions means lush valleys and mountains are close at hand.

The archaeological wonder that is the Machu Picchu citadel is located 75 miles from the city and is a significant draw card for many visitors. With many coming to Cusco primarily for a stopover en-route to this magnificent site, a large percentage miss out on the city’s most worthy offerings. Those who prefer a comfier and lengthier stay in the city are advised to visit Machu Picchu as a daytrip from Cusco.

Around Cusco’s city center, charming colonial buildings make for some good eye-candy, as do the splendid fortress and the contents of a variety of fine museums. After you have exhausted the cultural trail, the appeals of the evening entertainment scene at Plaza de Armas will indeed come a-calling to anyone with an enthusiasm for pulsating nightlife.


Machu Picchu: while not actually in Cusco, this ancient citadel is within driving distance and is a must for anyone visiting the region.

Museum of Contemporary Art: is situated in the Municipal Palace at Plaza Regocijo and displays some fine modern works.

Museum of Popular Art: offers popular artworks by Peruvian and some international artists.

Santa Catalina Convent: fine architecture and a collection of religious art are on offer at this historically interesting building.

Plaza de Armas: the focal point of the city is home to shops, restaurants, bars and cafés, making it the perfect place for a spot of relaxation and people watching.