Falkland Islands Travel Guide

The scenic Falkland Islands are located 560 km off the east coast of South America. Falkland Islands comprises of two main islands and hundreds of tiny outlying islands. The Falkland Islands is known for its picture perfect islands, picturesque small towns, and unique flora and fauna.

Tourist attractions in Falkland Islands include the cities of Stanley, Darwin, Port Louis, and West Falkland; Sea Lion Island, Volunteer Beach (famous for its king penguins), Stanley Harbor, and the battlefield sites (associated with the 1982 conflict) at Goose Green, Pebble Island, Mount Tumbledown, and Wireless Ridge. Pebble Island is world-famous for penguins and Southern sea lions.

Getting There & Away

Tristar offers six civilian flights in a month from RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire, UK. One can also fly British Airways from London to Santiago and then take a regular weekly flight to Punta Arenas and Puerto Montt in Chile and then on to Stanley. Many cruise liners also operate between the Falklands from UK.

Weather & When to Go

The Falklands enjoys a temperate climate, tempered by the strong westerly winds and cool Antarctic Current. Rainfall and occasional snow all year round except in January and February.