Chichicastenago Travel Guide

Around a 87-mile drive from Guatemala’s capital city brings you to the exceedingly lively and colorful town of Chichicastenango. Amiable indigenous peoples, a bustling local market and a number of interesting historical buildings combine with a backdrop of the awesomely beautiful Guatemalan countryside to present a destination that’s yet to be spoiled by tourism.

Most folk head for Chichicastenango for a daytrip, but some fall in love with the place instantly and are inclined to stay a while longer. While there isn’t a great deal to do here, the ambience and charm of the town is unique and far from what visitors might have experienced in the hectic likes of Guatemala City.

The twice-weekly Indian Market is the greatest appeal for many visitors. Held on Thursdays and Sundays, this bustling affair has been called North and Central America’s most colorful native market and is an event that few visitors will not be enchanted by. Wander around and see the market’s large selection of handmade products, sample some of the interesting edible creations, try out your Spanish with the locals and soak up the richness that this cultural experience provides.


Popul Vuh Museum: historic objects of various descriptions hailing from the Mayan period are on display at this small but interesting museum.

Church of Santo Tomás: this 400-year old church, built on a platform dating back to pre-Columbian times, is located next to the market and is still used by Shamans for various ancient rituals.

Indian Market: twice a week, members of the K’iche’ Maya tribe join with vendors from surrounding villages to create this vibrant market which sells everything from food to fabric products.