Vienna Travel Guide

Austria’s compact capital city, Vienna was the center of European affairs for centuries. This grand legacy remains intact in its medieval Old Town, which runs along the romantic Danube River. Vienna’s splendid architecture, vibrant café and tavern scene, and important musical heritage draw hoards of visitors to revel in a timeless cultured ambiance which is among the best in Europe.

Vienna is divided into 23 districts, with the most attractive being the 1st district, known as the Innere Stadt. Here you will find the famous Ringstrasse, the oldest parts of the city and most of Vienna’s highlights. One of the greatest things about Vienna is that much of the Old Town has been pedestrianized, making meandering exploration especially pleasant. A sense of spaciousness is provided by dozens of public parks such as the popular Volksgarten, which is abuzz with activity during the warm months.

The city’s exquisite imperial palaces, excellent museums, Baroque churches and engaging cafés provide plenty of things for visitors to do, and then there’s the music. Vienna, which was home to Beethoven, Hadyn, Schubert and others, is one of the world’s premier music centers, a heady tradition which continues today.


Hofburg Palace: the Hapsburgs’ 13th century imperial palace is a magnificent structure housing 22 museums, the National Library and a couple of ancient churches. It should not be missed.

Vienna Museum of Fine Arts: contains some of the world’s most important art collections spanning every period from the Greeks to the Renaissance masters.

Schloss Belvedere: these two splendid Rococo mansions are considered Vienna’s finest palaces, housing several important art museums and providing excellent views from the upper palace.****

St Stephan’s Cathedral: climb to the top of the South Tower for the best views of Vienna before exploring this 12th century church, which is one of the city’s historical landmarks.

Wiener Staatsoper: Vienna’s legendary opera house was built in 1869 and is still considered one of the world’s premier cultural performance venues. If you’re lucky enough to find a ticket, don’t miss the unique opportunity to see a performance here.