Tha Ton Travel Guide

One of the nicest untapped gems in northern Thailand is the tiny riverside town of Tha Ton. Located just south of the Burmese border, Tha Ton is a great base for outdoor excursions.

The Kok River runs right through Tha Ton, which is essentially a one-street town lined with shops, relaxed restaurants and a smattering of guesthouses. Most visitors come to Tha Ton to go rafting along the Kok River, which flows perfectly for casual rafting trips.

Another great activity is to make your way to one of many hill tribe villages tucked into the mountainous countryside surrounding Tha Ton. Either with a guide or on your own, it’s fairly easy to visit Palaung, Akha, Black Lahu, Mien or Karen villages and see how they go about their lives.

A bit out of town are some nice hot springs at Ban Meung Chom. They are part of the Doi Fang National Park, which is another lovely destination for walks in the forest. Back in Tha Ton, the only real attraction is the hilltop Wat Tha Ton. This Buddhist temple has some really interesting features and offers amazing panoramic views over the river valley.

Getting There & Away

The bus from Chiang Mai to Tha Ton is the easiest way to reach the town by public transportation, a journey of about 3 hours. But to really enjoy the wealth of scenery along the way, rent a car and enjoy the drive. Chiang Mai has a busy international airport, and is also at the terminus of the nation’s train line. Buses arrive at Chiang Mai from all corners of Thailand.

Things to Do

Tha Ton Attractions

Wat Tha Ton

The town’s main buddhist temple sits atop a hill overlooking the town and surrounding valley.

Kok River

Rent a raft for the day and loll your way down one of northern thailand’s most scenic rivers.