Fang Travel Guide

For most travelers, Fang is merely a pass-through on their way further up north. However, it actually makes a great base for exploring the region near the Burmese border and rarely sees any tourists.

The town of Fang dates back to the 13th century, and although there is nothing mind-blowing here, its back streets are quiet and lined with traditional wooden houses. The Shan-Burmese style Wat Jawng Paen temple in the heart of town is worth a look for its different architectural style.

There are more things to do outside of Fang, however. Several Lahu, Karen and Mien hill tribe villages can be visited for a dose of culture, while the Doi Fang National Park contains some soothing hot springs.

River rafting is another popular activity here. Trips run along the Kok River using everything from lashed bamboo rafts to fully equipped houseboats for a multi-day journey down river. Trekking is also abundant in the mountains surrounding Fang.

Getting There & Away

Buses regularly ply the road north from Chiang Mai to Fang. But for a more convenient and leisurely trip, it’s suggested you rent a car in Chiang Mai and do the scenic easy drive yourself. The nearest airport is in Chiang Mai where flights arrive from all over Thailand and several regional Asian cities. The train and bus are also common ways to reach Chiang Mai.

Things to Do

Fang Attractions

Wat Jawng Paen

The unique architecture of this shan-burmese buddhist temple make it worth a lingering visit.

Kok River

The river runs through fang and is just about perfect for rafting.

Doi Fang National Park

Take a dip in the hot springs to unwind after a hike through the forest.