Pathein Travel Guide

Myanmar’s fourth largest city, Pathein is a good place to stop for a day or two on the way to the beaches of Chaungtha or Ngwe Saung.

Pathein was once part of the Mon Kingdom and this region is still very multi-cultural, with a blend of Muslim, Mon, Karen and Rakhine people, all bringing their own unique sense of style, food and customs to the mix.

Follow the flow of the Pathein River to explore this scenic area. There are a number of pretty Buddhist temples to walk around and umbrella shops where you can watch the colorful umbrellas being made.

Getting There & Away

Tourists can only use the main airport at Yangon and a great way to reach Pathein is by overnight ferry from Yangon (14 hours). The journey is about 120 miles and is a relaxing way to see the countryside as you sail under a blanket of stars. There are also regular buses from Shwe Min Than (1 hour, 30 minutes) and Chaungtha Beach (2 hours, 30 minutes).

Things to Do

Pathein Attractions

Shwemokhtaw Paya

Decorated with a top layer of solid gold, a middle tier of silver and the third of bronze, the stupa is an unforgettable sight.

Yekyi Yenauk Lake

Steeped in legend, people travel from all over myanmar to worship by this lake.